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Sponsor One Of Our Dogs

What your sponsorship means to dogs in need.

Your donations will have a huge impact on the lives of the dogs your sponsorship supports.


They will help to provide: a safe warm shelter, tasty, nutritious food, medical checks and life-saving

operations. It will also allow us the time to provide fun activities to build trust and confidence.

Training to help them find the right new home


Thanks to your regular donation we can be there for every pet who comes through our doors.

Every day poorly, injured and homeless dogs come to us desperate for help. By sponsoring a dog you will provide warm shelter, food, medical care and lots of love for lots of pets one after the other. And we will keep you updated at every step of their journey.

Helping every dog that comes through our door



Step 1 :  A homeless dog or puppy comes into Barc.

Step 2 :  Your sponsorship gives the dog warmth, shelter, food, love and medical care.

Step 3 :  You'll get to know the dog through exclusive sponsor updates.

Step 4 :  Hurray! Thanks to your generosity, we find the dog a loving new home.

Step 5 :  Your sponsorship continues to support new homeless dogs that come into Barc.



Meet Buddy – he is feeling smiles better

Eight year old Buddy was brought to Barc as a stray. He is full of beans, loves walks, squeaky toys and is always quick to make friends with other dogs.

By sponsoring a dog like Buddy you’ll give them the most amazing thing of all – the chance to find a loving new home.

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