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About Barc

BARC was founded by a group of determined and dedicated animal lovers way back in 1991 to help with the problem of stray animals and, for whatever reason, pets that were no longer able to stay in their homes. Since then BARC has rehomed hundreds of cats and dogs.

We have 8 pens for dogs therefore that means we can only ever have 8 dogs up for adoption. However, we can use this to our advantage and we can get to know every single individual dog inside and out. This helps us be able to match potential adoptive families to their perfect dog or cat.  We usually have a very quick turnover and dogs usually get adopted within 1 year.


We are very proud to say we never EVER put a healthy animal down!

We currently have 4 cats presently in rehoming, however only 2 of those cats, are up for adoption. Foxy and Ops (currently) are residents here at BARC as they couldn’t cope with the stress of a new environment. We have a very large cattery, and we never cage our cats up, so they’re free to roam and do whatever they want inside the cattery 24/7.

To look at all of our animals up for adoption then please go on our Facebook at ,

Our office is open Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm and we are based on Norfolk Hill, Episkopi Garrison. You can give us a call on 2525 8076, or alternatively pop up to see the animals for yourself. All of our animals are neutered, micro chipped, fully vaccinated and up to date on all flea, tick and worm treatment, so you are getting an animal completely prepared for their forever home.

BARC also provides a kennel and cattery boarding service. To find out more, simply email us or give us a call.

On top of that, we offer an Export service to get your pets back home. We also offer a savings scheme for this. To find out more please call our Export team on 2596 3006 or email them at

We have Pet Shops on Episkopi and Akrotiri, selling everything from toys to food. Opening times can be found on our FB page.

Our Facilities


Our Boarding Kennels, this is where your furry friends will spend their time.  They will be looked after by our staff who are all animal lovers and our wonderful volunteers.

They will be walked twice a day and have access to the shaded play pen for a period of time.

Our kennels have a two door opening system to greatly remove the risk of an escape or entry.

Boarding Kennel - Outside Run.JPG
Boarding Kennel - Inside Area.JPG
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